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It was this hot summer. The whole of July was already 30 degrees during the day. Steve didn't know what else he could take off, so they had already limited themselves to the bare necessities: boxer shorts and maybe a T-shirt. His parents wanted to go on holiday despite this extreme heat. Two weeks Jamaica. But Steve was too extreme, at 30 degrees Celsius he didn't want to drive to a place where it was even hotter than Springfield, Illinoise.

At the age of 18 he was actually old enough to go on holiday alone. In this case, old enough to keep the house alone. His parents were quickly convinced and so he had 2 weeks of free house. A normal 18-year-old would probably have parties, hang out in the swimming pool and meet friends. Only Steve wasn't a normal 18-year-old. Girls hadn't really been interested in him so far, but maybe the wrong word is of interest. They would have interested him already, but he was internally blocked when it came to having more than just superficial small talk with girls.

By the time he had resigned himself to it and arranged his shy single life. The available energy and time was invested in his school education and hobbies. He had already designed several homepages and improved his pocket money a lot.

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My name is Tricia Williams. I was born in 1982 in Atlanta Georgia. Since my childhood I have been writing stories of all kinds. The older I got, the more I was drawn to erotic literature. To date I have published well over 300 erotic novels and short stories.

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