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My husband Markus and I had been happily married for years now. We met at a seminar and we both hit it off immediately. Markus works very successfully at a bank near Munich. I work as a secretary in a small industrial company.

Markus is 24 years old and I am 23 years old. To our great good fortune, our daughter was born last year. Actually, we wanted to wait with family planning because we wanted to get off to a good start in our careers. Of course we also wanted to enjoy ourselves by going out, parties and celebrations. But when I got the message from the gynaecologist, we were still really happy and decided to keep the child.

My boss was not really enthusiastic when I told him, as I had only worked in the company for a very short time and had just finished the probationary period. But well, it was as it was and could not be changed. After my daughter was born, I was on parental leave for a year and enjoyed the time with my baby very much. Markus also gave me all the support I needed. I love both of them very much. But now the parental leave was over again and for a few days I was working again as a chief secretary in my old company.

Actually, I didn't really want to, but we were dependent on my salary because Markus didn't earn so much. However, according to our calculation a half-day job would be enough to make ends meet and so today I had an appointment with my senior boss to talk to him about the matter and ask him if it would be possible to reduce my current job by 50%.

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But now to my real person. My name is Jupiter Hill. I was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1982. Since my childhood I have written stories of all kinds. The older I got, the stronger my desire to write erotic stories became. And that's what I do now.

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