A Dirty Affair

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I'll be 40 soon and take care of the house and the family. My husband is busy with his steep career. We are doing very well. We live an almost perfect life. Our daughter is 12 and our son seven. I didn't return to my profession after his birth

Maybe you've been through this before. When everything is perfect, you always find something you're missing. But in my case it is something very important for me, sex and love. Sure, my husband loves me infinitely and we also have sex, but it is just not enough for me. Especially in the time before my period my body goes crazy. Then I could jump on it three times a day. But mostly we only do it once or twice a week. But exactly then it is not enough for me and above all it is much too good. I am then almost like a bitch in heat.

As soon as the children are out of the house, I sit in front of the computer and let myself be stimulated. This always culminates in a short but intense climax. Unfortunately this does not bring me enough satisfaction. Mostly I distract myself with other things. In this phase I am also always easily irritable. Often I take flight when everything just annoys me.

As was the case two weeks ago. I was once again under high tension, in addition the preparations for Christmas. I could do what I wanted, somehow there was no opportunity to satisfy my lust. My husband came home late in the evening and was then too tired, the children were just annoying and I hardly had a chance to satisfy myself. That afternoon it was enough and I packed my jacket, put it on, quickly put on thick socks in my brown boots and left the house. I drove to the mall to just stroll around a bit and distract myself. The much too small parking garage was already crowded. I raced with rage and was already about to drive home again.

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But now to my real person. My name is Jupiter Hill. I was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1982. Since my childhood I have written stories of all kinds. The older I got, the stronger my desire to write erotic stories became. And that's what I do now.

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