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She is the toughest teacher we have in the whole school, which is saying a lot. She gives out twice the amount of homework and is always keen on giving three-paged essays. Thankfully, English is my favorite subject so I can deal with the work quite easily. Despite having the patience of a bull with anger issues, she is definitely the most popular teacher in the whole school, made famous by her smoking hot looks and gigantic ass where the long locks of her brown hair occasionally get stuck in between. I sighed as I wished I was able to just sit down quietly with the hassle.

"I am sorry ma'am, my alarm clock didn't wake me up again." she snorted in disbelief and rolled her blue eyes at me. "You know if you're going to make up excuses, you could at least make them good." I sat down and kept quiet, it was safer that way. With no more incidents for the rest of class, my next three classes passed quickly

. Finally it was time for lunch where I can finally relax. I quickly grabbed my tray and hurried out of the cafeteria, towards the school gardens. I looked around to see if anyone was following me. Once I was sure no one had tailed me, I put my tray down on a table like contraption that I built my first year here. It’s a pulley that takes my tray up to the top of the great oak tree where I was. As for me...that's a different story. I jumped onto the lowest branch of the tree and pulled myself up. From there up, it was easy. I moved through branches like a monkey, swinging and sliding until I came to the heart of the tree. There was a slight curve there where if you relaxed, seemed a bit like a comfortable chair. I slid down and sighed as I pulled my lunch up. I relaxed because no one ever came to the school gardens anymore since it was abandoned five years ago.

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Dear readers, thank you so much for buying my book. My name is Aiden Kelly. I was born in Dublin in 1982. With this book I would like to share my joy and sexuality with you. Because what could be more beautiful than sharing your head cinema with other people? Your Aiden

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