Art of Murder

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Monty is a struggling, unknown artist, living in a loft in Soho. From his third floor walkup, he watches his beautiful neighbor as she comes and goes. Too shy and reclusive to ask her out, he paints her again and again. Suddenly, the police are at his door. His goddess, his dream woman, is dead, and the police like him for the crime.

Detectives O’Roarke and Garcia sift through the forensics, motives, and physical evidence and, at first glance, it seems all the evidence points to the strange, young artist who is obsessed with the beautiful actress. As the detectives immerse themselves in her life, it turns out the victim has more than one secret.

Über den Autor

Trisha Sugarek has been writing since the eighth grade. She has enjoyed a twenty year career writing stage plays, fiction, children’s books and poetry. In addition to a half a dozen full length plays, she expanded her body of work to include eight novels, of which five are a series of murder mysteries. She has written a collection of ten minute plays for the classroom. An acting career led to directing then to writing. Most recently she created four journal/handbooks (instructional) for writers.

Trisha lives in Savannah, Georgia with her two golden retrievers, Rocky and Gus and their cat, Fiona.

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